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Kim Conrey

I am a mom, writer, runner, podcaster, and serve as the VP of Operations for the Atlanta Writers Club. I began dealing with OCD at the age of thirteen. I’ve dealt with everything from checking rituals to Harm OCD, and that weird compulsion to reread a sentence enough times, and with enough scrupulous comprehension, to ensure I didn’t develop cancer. Yes, that sounds weird to the general populace, but my OCD folks will get it. I created this site because I believe there are some wonderful, compassionate, lovely people out there with Harm OCD who do not know what it is and are living in fear that they are bad people. More than anything I wish for them to find the help and support they need to break free.

My sci-fi novel Stealing Ares will be available in September 2022 by Black Rose Writing. My work has also been published in The New Southern Fugitives, The Bitter Southerner, Atlanta Parent, and others. Links to my published works, podcast, and fiction in progress can be found at https://condilnic.wixsite.com/wildwomenwhowrite/about-us

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